Kefir – The Origins of Kefir and It really is Wealthy Background

Kefir is commonly considered to get originated hundreds of years in the past in the shepherds from the Caucasus mountain location. The individuals of the space, the Caucasians, were being recognised to c reate kefir by incorporating kefir grains to goat or cow’s milk and letting it ferment for days inside a goatskin leather bag. The result, a refreshing cultured-milk beverage by using a slightly creamy texture and also a refreshing sour flavor often called kefir.

These folks, who had been said to have eaten significant portions of kefir, were identified to get very very long healthful everyday living spans. Everyday living spans of around a hundred decades previous had been almost nothing out of the standard.

Rapid ahead to previous century, kefir gets increasingly common in Russia and in the former Soviet states. And its recognition these days continues to be rising as nations around the world apart from the former USSR like, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Denmark are producing kefir over a commercial scale.

Even so the genuine query we must always be asking ourselves is not where by kefir, the fermented milk beverage, originated from, but in which kefir grains originated. For without the need of kefir grains to start with, there wouldn’t be kefir.

Sad to say, the origin of kefir grains has lengthy been surrounded by mystery. No one actually is aware needless to say where by it came from and the way it came to become. The most popular tackle the origin of kefir grains is a legend of the Prophet Mohammed providing the Orthodox individuals in the Caucasian Mountain the pretty to start with kefir grains and teaching them how to make kefir or “the drink on the Prophet Mohammed” from it.

The kefir grains or “grains of the prophet” plus the means of earning kefir, had been guarded quite closely and were regarded as the family’s or tribe’s wealth. And for the reason that kefir grains might be retrieved and reused indefinitely immediately after just about every batch of culturing milk, these were passed on from era to generation.

A different tackle the origin of kefir grains is the fact that it truly is essentially manna on milk. The exact same manna, God miraculously supplied in the Israelites’ 40 yrs of wandering during the wilderness as described during the Jewish Torah as well as Christian Bible.

During the stop, we might by no means know no matter whether the 1st kefir grains had been a gift with the Prophet Mohammed or food equipped by God himself. For all we know, it could very very well happen to be there all alongside.

But we’ve been guaranteed of one factor, that kefir grains and kefir will continue on to puzzle the generations to come with its “miraculous” wellness rewards and healing attributes. There may be actually practically nothing with this earth pretty like kefir.